Chef Abe was in the Top 10 of Chefs to compete in Season 21 of Hell’s Kitchen Battle of the Ages.

Chef Abe Sanchez
Chef Abe Sanchez

At the ripe age of 30, Abe Sanchez realized that he was meant to be an executive / top chef.  This father of 5 decided to channel this ADHD energy into creating masterpieces with BBQ and crawfish.  He learned to execute top chef-worthy dishes that have caught the attention of major TV shows.

“I was a Rockstar in culinary school and every kitchen I have worked in.  I gave myself 10 years to become an executive chef and was able to exceed my goals and became one in 2 years.” – Chef Abe Sanchez

Abe is motivated by his family and his passion for the art of creating decadent dishes for others to enjoy.  He often cooks to help friends and family who have health concerns. Ten years into his career, Abe is an experienced Executive Chef that has a reputation for building and improving guest experiences by re-inventing menus, training staff, and improving food quality. Abe is the owner of a healthy meal-prepping company based out of Houston. When Abe isn’t cooking for his clients, he is cooking for his wife and his family which now includes 9 kids. 

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Free Style Chef Abe Sanchez | Houston, Tx Area | Owner Kitchen Monster Creations